A Year of Found Color


Photographs of Flowers and New England landscapes

By Scott Bradner

Artists' Statement

For the two decades after moonlighting as a fashion and wedding photographer I mostly took snapshots of family gatherings and vacation trips.  In the last few years the advent of high resolution digital cameras and advanced digital processing software got me back into the photography game.

I've mostly focused on macro photos of flowers - trying to make their vibrant colors and intricate designs easier to experience.  I've also started experimenting with splicing multiple pictures together to get higher detail on both landscapes and individual blossoms.

My aim is to create colorful images with enough detail so that they can be made into large prints that can be seen across a room and that show nature at its most impressive.

The colors in the photos in this show range from the subtle brown grasses visible on the banks of the Charles River through blowing snow to the boldness of a Fuchsia in full bloom and the unexpected ribbons of Witch Hazel in the winter.



I have worked at Harvard in various jobs for almost 40 years but have always kept busy outside of my day job.  I've always been interested in photography and built a darkroom into my Fresh Pond area house when I bought it in the late 70s.  Showing how times do change, I recently converted the darkroom into a printer room for high-end digital photo printers.

My interest in electronics combined with the interest in photography led me to an involvement in the psychedelic lighting and rock club scene in the late '60s and early '70s and to a gig, with a bunch of friends, running lights and taking background photos for a series of fashion shows.

After the fashion show and club scene faded out I stopped most of my photography other than family and travel pictures until about two years ago.  I am glad to be back.